Sun on the Rocks

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_6774Continuing our celebration of the 25th anniversary of the court decision legalizing female toplessness in New York, we visited the famous boulder in Riverside Park where Edgar Allan Poe used to sit and write, back before it looked out over the West Side Highway. Where better to get rid of our constricting tops and enjoy some reading…

IMG_6764…some delicious fruit…

IMG_6866IMG_6870..some yoga…

IMG_6797…and a push-up challenge?

IMG_6756The weather has turned rainy ever since, so we’re glad we got outside while the getting was good.


Our next event is planned for Friday, June 2nd — want to join us? If you’re a body-positive woman in the New York area, we’d love to meet you. Just email us at Liberation awaits.


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Celebrating 25 Years of Equal Rights

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_6741Twenty-five years ago this summer — in July 1992 — a New York court ruling established that women can’t be punished for going bare-chested in public places if men weren’t punished for doing the same thing.

This landmark ruling changed lives. Not just the lives of the particular women involved in that particular court case, although it certainly did that. But the lives of all the women of New York, including women who weren’t even born yet. Maybe especially ones who weren’t born yet.

IMG_6452Some of our members are in college today. Some are still in high school. And they’ve never known a time when, as women, they had to hide their bodies while their brothers and male cousins were free to walk unashamed in the sun. They’ve known from birth that it is their right — their equal right — to inhabit the body they were born into and…

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Spirited Bodies and All The Young Nudes // Edinburgh, August 2016

steve ritter

Two great institutions of the British life art scene combined to present a very special one-off spectacular this summer. All The Young Nudes runs life drawing groups as club nights, complete with bar and ultra hip playlist in cities across Scotland. With the added consideration of very reasonable ticket prices, their gatherings are always hugely popular. On 23 August, they joined forces with Spirited Bodies in Edinburgh to coincide with the Fringe Festival.

Spirited Bodies has been organising large scale multi-model events for first-time and experienced life models – primarily in London – since 2010. Artistic Director, Esther Bunting, last worked with All The Young Nudes in 2013 so this would be an exciting return foray. For me, however, it was to be a debut collaboration north of the border. I travelled up with Esther as her partner, roadie, photographer, and participating model. Our setting for the evening…

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One Brief Shining Moment

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_0053It’s May already — but the cool weather we’ve been having all spring is stubbornly persisting. Every so often, the sun breaks through, but it’s just for an hour or two at a time. So what do we do? Grab that hour or two when it comes, even if it means only two or three of us can make it.

This time, we met at the southeast entrance to Central Park, where an art installation is currently up: a set of old-fashioned sofas and tufted chairs, only made of stone rather than fabric.

IMG_0048IMG_0014Not incredibly comfortable to sit on, especially when the sun (briefly) is blazing hot, but we took a few pictures there before moving on to the grassy side of a hill just inside the park.

And what was our reading material this time? The manga Ghost In the Shell and a vintage 1972 issue of Playboy

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Our Big (Um, Little) Doob Adventure — Part Two

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_9821Last week, we told you about how we worked with an outfit called Doob to create little 3D-printed replicas of ourselves, and promised to show you some more photos of the end results. Herewith, then: the end results. Photographed outdoors and in, uptown and down, it’s us in miniature, taking over NYC.

First, we unboxed ourselves near Times Square —

IMG_9806IMG_9812IMG_9826Then a subway ride down to Washington Square Park put us squarely in the midst of the International Women’s Day march.

IMG_5578IMG_5593IMG_5598IMG_5607In City Hall Park, where the mayor does his work, we found a central spot where brides and grooms and tourists pose for selfies, and we thought, why not?

IMG_5838IMG_5893IMG_5923It turned into a teaching moment when a young boy with mom in tow walked over.

IMG_5875«What are those…bumps?» the curious lad asked, pointing. Never too young to hear the answer. Chests come in different shapes and sizes. The explanation…

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Why It’s Good To Be Naked In Public

sarah kim bonner

Version 2I got a real naked education when I moved to Europe. I wouldn’t say Canadians are prudish but, in our unfailing commitment to be polite, being naked in change rooms, sporting events, the beach… it just isn’t…nice. In Europe, the social climate of nakedness is totally different and, I’ve realized, it’s good to be naked in public.

Naked is Normal

My first naked experience was going to watch a bike race in Holland. I unavoidably saw countless very, very white bums as riders changed in the street post-race. That experience turned out to be normal at sporting events in France and Spain too. On the beaches,  I saw women of all ages and shapes (natural and man-made) frolic and sunbathe topless without anyone batting an eyelash. At the physio or chiropractor wherever I was living, I was the weirdo who wanted to keep my shorts on. I was so shocked at first. I couldn’t believe how…

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