Naked in Motion

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

img_9025Two weeks ago, it snowed in New York City. A beautiful blanket of white. Then, this past week, it rained torrentially — a beautiful blanket of wet. Neither, alas, the ideal climate for outdoor topless book-reading (or outdoor topless much of anything else). What does our noble band do on days like these?

We meet indoors. And what do we do indoors? Well, a bunch of different sorts of things, but one of our favorites is to work on our strength and serenity, since both of those are a) in short supply and b) much needed in the world today. So on the eve of the big protest marches in D.C. and New York (and every other place on the face of the planet), a dozen of us went to learn yoga and Pilates from Willow, the instructor/owner of New York’s Naked in Motion.

img_9042img_9107img_8940And what a wonderful evening it…

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Problem Daughters

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_4647We rarely stump for individual books, but there’s a speculative fiction anthology in the works called PROBLEM DAUGHTERS that we’re very excited about, not only because it promises to collect fiction and poetry from female authors writing on the theme of intersectional feminism, and not just because the title is so great, but because one of the book’s editors, Nicolette Barischoff, is a member of our group!


IMG_9168You’ve seen Nicci at any number of our events; even though she lives in California, she makes her way to NYC as often as she can. And this latest project of hers promises to bring her east several more times this year. So: yay. Plus we’ll all have good reading material to dive into as soon as advance copies get printed.

IMG_9626But before any of that can happen, the project (which is up on IndieGoGo) could use a bit more funding — not…

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Ancient lands don’t belong to big business.

The SL Naturist 2

Although they’re out of fashion now, in the cinema and on TV, there was a time when westerns were a dominant cinematic genre.

There was a time when John Wayne could be relied upon to ride to the rescue, fight off ‘redskins’, save the damsel in distress and bring peace to a land still marching westward across undiscovered tracts of land. Often, a bugle would sound and the US 7th Cavalry would ride to the rescue.

Thus, we think we know about ‘redskins’/Red Indians or, more accurately in the 21st century, indigenous people of America or ‘First Nation’ peoples. We think we know about their reservations, their smoke signals, their capacity to ‘scalp’ victims and drink ‘firewater’.

I’ve been thinking about the indigenous people of America lately, due to them being in the news regarding Native Americans battle against the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s a battle not confined just…

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You Always Remember Your First Time

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_4370To celebrate both the first truly hot day of the season (83 degrees!) and the extraordinary amount of attention our little group has received over the past fortnight (starting with the Huffington Post and then exploding when the Guardian in the UK picked up the story), we headed out to one of our favorite spots in the park, the hill where Bob Dylan supposedly once painted us. (He didn’t really, but what a juicy story that was…)

Thanks to all that attention, we were joined by a number of first-timers, enjoying not just their first time meeting us, but their first time ever going topless in a public place. We were honored they chose us to introduce them to one of the finest pleasures New York has to offer: lying bare-breasted in the grass, bathed in sunlight, surrounded by good conversation and good books and good things to eat (thank you, Crumbs, for knocking off the Cronut). It’s…

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Sunday In The Park (on Saturday)

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_4018Our experience getting painted for New York Bodypainting Day sparked an artistic impulse in our collective breast, so for our latest trip to Central Park we chose a secluded meadow and invited four of our favorite artists to accompany us and sketch us as we lay about in the (almost) altogether.


(Next time we might go all the way — full nudity is apparently legal in New York as long as it’s part of an artistic performance or exhibition, and being drawn or painted would seem to qualify. But this time only one of us was brave enough to go full monty in the grass.)


We had our favorite new books on hand (yet another member came bearing a copy of Dune!), along with miniature danishes and chocolate kuglof from Andre’s on the upper east side. The sun was high and merciless, the grass sere underfoot, the boulders craggy wonders —…

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